Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crawlers Are Everywhere!

Sounds like the title of a horror movie. Crawlers are algorithms that Google and other search engines use to find websites that match up with the search terms that are entered into the search engine. So let’s say I wanted to find a blog on patents, inventions, and ideas, I could type in “This Little Idea Went to Market” and I would get several websites other than this one. Why you ask? Traffic.
Traffic is how many people are coming to your website (blog) and where it is turning up as a reference or link. So here is another call for help, if you have a social media site, blog or website link to me to help with my traffic. If you do please let me know so I can return the favor.
A quick recap of how you can help.
1. Bookmark this blog and visit it often.
2. Click on the advertisements each time you come. (Please)
3. Link this blog on your social media, blog or website.
4. Tell everyone you know to visit this blog and follow these steps.
5. Comment, feedback is welcome. Something you say may help guide this idea to market.

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